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Abbree AR889 – Why Did I Buy It!

via In this episode of RadioTech we will be Abbree AR-889G (see more here: ) as this is an interesting radio! Not only does it sport an anazing 10 watts which is quite a bit for a hand held, however it is also a mobile (hand-held) cross-band repeater with built in GPS functionality for less then $100 bucks for the basic kit!

The the kit comes in two version, the first and cheapest being “just the radio” and the second with a programming cable, speaker mic and funky antenna for about $20 dollars more. Now I had read that the BaoFeng UV-5R cable would work with it but the question was finding the software which I was not able to find all of the links where broken. However in Googling the Abbree AR-889G I discovered that RT Systems sells a software package for the radio (see more ) which I purchased and tried using with the Baofeng cable without success as want to see a USB-K4Y before even installing itself and it didn’t the BaoFeng (which is a real Baofeng cable) as one. So long story is I also then ordered the USB-K4Y from RT Systems. It is also worth not that all of the “free” software I have seen on YouTube for the Abree AR-889G was in Mandarin and not English so the RT Systems software (see more here: ) seems to be the only path.

Also back to the Abbree AR-889G programing cable, there is an offical Abree version on Amazon (see more here: ) however it still does not come with software so therefore I am not sure of the value.

Worth note is the Abree AR-889G is also the Zastone ZT-889G (see more here: ) as well as the HYS TC-889 (see more here: ) .

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