Sat. Oct 16th, 2021


On-Line Radio Technology Magazine

DMR – Progaming a DMR Radio with CPS for the Brandmeister Network and Jumbo HotSpot!

In this episode of RadioTech we will be using the CPS software to program the BaoFeng DM-1701 hand-held radio (see more here: )for DMR us on the Brandmeister network with the Jumbo Hotspot (see more here: ) as this a very affordable combo to jump into DMR. Also, while focused on the DM-1701 by Baofeng, it seems that many Chinese radio are the same and also use the CPS software for program this may work for other CPS programmed radios too. Update: As briefly mentioned in the video, if you still have issues, change TOT[s] on the Channel page to 300. Also I will update the downloadable PDF with changes as they become available (link below). Additionally, here is a download link to the PDF used in the video for added reference: Be sure to also check out our web site for more information this other other projects! #RadioTech #DIY3DTech #On-Photography #Video-Drone #Open-SCAD